Over 1400 leaders over the past 2 years connected during more than 50 LEAD-IN activities.

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Our Purpose

We at LEAD-IN, together with our members, want to promote inspiring leadership to contribute to a better society.

What we do?

By sharing leadership experiences with leaders and by spreading inspirational ideas and concepts our members and we contribute to a better society through the promotion of inspiring leadership.

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and make the difference?

Our top community and network has a global and multi-faceted approach to inspiring leaders by sharing innovative and pragmatic insights and initiatives, inspiring ideas and concepts.


We are a 100% independent, non-profit Belgian community.

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We are for leaders by leaders and diversity is one of our most invaluable assets. And because true leaders come in all shapes and sizes we cater to upcoming and experienced leaders whether they are Belgian or expats and from all social, cultural, religious or political backgrounds. Private or public organisations, small or large everybody and anybody can be inspired by LEAD-IN.

Our initiatives

During the year we have several initiatives to get you, as a leader, involved and help to contribute to a better society through the promotion of inspiring leadership.

CEO Leadership Breakfast

Meet and interact with 10 leaders during an animated breakfast in your own region. Lead-In will inform you on the latest developments in inspiring leadership. Discuss with your peers the new ideas, thoughts and insights vital in today’s economy and the world at large.
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International Leadership Talks

What is good International Leadership, what are the success factors and best practices? Understand better how the ‘international’ scope of leadership helps to make organizations more successful. You will get the opportunity to debate about an International Leadership topic. It will provide you with value added content to inspire you in your international endeavours.

Leadership Development Program

By understanding yourself better, you and others will perform better. In 7 evening sessions you will gain insights into coaching people to results, be able to compare your approach to expert choices, recognize your specific strengths and stumbling blocks. All this is very personalized so you can immediately take advantage of the inspiring personal key improvements.

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Journey to Conscious Leadership

A new but ever more important concept. Conscious leaders are people who recognize the higher purpose of their business and the interdependence of the stakeholders in their business, and who lead from this knowledge. We offer you a true learning experience and the chance to participate in an ‘inspiration lab’ to exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences, challenges and successes within the 3 C-levels.
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Young Leaders - Inspiring Mentors

In this unique mentoring program you, as a young leader, will have the opportunity to learn, from an experienced mentor during an entire year. The inspiring mentors we select are all experienced leaders in charge of private, public, political or non-profit organizations.

As a duo, you get to know each other really well, you will exchange experiences and insights and you will learn from each other.
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M4M Educational Leadership

In this program adapted to the educational environment we create duos between managers in the educational sector and experienced leaders in the business & NGO sector. Managers (headmasters) in the educational sector learn leadership skills from business people and Business/NGO leaders get more insights into the educational system.
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In the Boardroom/Masterclass

Meet leaders during an exclusive visit to an inspiring company. Share insights with the CEO on leadership on the ins and outs of the company.  Learn about the various developments in leadership.

Opinion Making

LEAD-IN wants, with its activities, to contribute to a better society through the promotion of inspiring leadership. Next to our physical activities we also publish opinion papers, approach the written and visual media with relevant information and with our external newsletter and website we keep our members and leaders up to date.

LEAD-IN Congress

The event of the year when it comes to celebrating leadership. A full day unique experience. Connect and be connected with world-renowned speakers. Share and gain new insights with peers.

LEAD-IN Leadership Award

Every year LEAD-IN grants the Leadership Award to leaders "who, through sustained integrity, management abilities and inspirational leadership, have forged an exceptional career. This award is special recognition for a personality from the economic and industrial sector of society, who is a role model and also valorizes this socially."
Dominique Leroy is the youngest winner and first woman to receive this recognition. The previous award winners were Luc De Bruyckere, Julien De Wilde, Herman Daems, Peter Piot, Paul Bulcke, Johnny Thijs and Thomas Leysen.



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