By Ann Daems

LEAD-IN integrates to spread its mission

LEAD-IN has, since its inception, invested in inspiring leadership for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Over the past three years, more than 3,000 participants have attended our activities. These activities have been greatly appreciated for their level of quality and the clarity of the themes. However, we are also aware that the theme of leadership is a topic dealt with by many other organisations, meaning a reduction in the impact of our initiatives.

In order to further expand the growth and mission of LEAD-IN, we have decided to integrate our offer within ETION. ETION is a non-profit organisation for decision-makers with a focus on committed, ethically responsible entrepreneurship. More than 1,300 companies are members of ETION.

By integrating within ETION, it is our intention to offer a solution in response to the fragmented range of initiatives in our country. We are convinced that by coming together in this way, the members of LEAD-IN as well as the members of ETION will have a stronger offer. Additionally, this will mean an increase in the number of resources available to deepen the ideas and content around leadership and the achievement of a larger reach to spread our mission: "promoting inspiring leadership".

What will the integration look like?

LEAD-IN will become part of ETION from 2018 onwards. Within the ETION think tank, our leadership theme will be further expanded through the recruitment of an additional employee. Most of the existing products and concepts offered by LEAD-IN will be continued within the ETION range. See Q&A for more info.

Finally, our thanks

We want to thank you for the support, your inspirational leadership and your belief in our mission.

By taking this decision, we are convinced that the ideas of LEAD-IN will be able to flourish in a stable and established organisation, thus creating a WIN-WIN for our members and achieving a much larger reach for our mission.