Higher purpose & proper, 'values'-driven execution

By Guido Vanherpe

Guido Vanherpe crop

Defining a higher purpose in combination with a proper, values-driven, daily execution of one's goals lead to an inspiring and engaging company culture.
An inspiring higher purpose makes a team look 'above the horizon' and allows them to dream about a higher goal, rather than just focus on their annual or daily goals they need to fulfill. By doing so, a growing company will not just become 'bigger' but, above all, a 'better' company, as its development will occur within a broader and more future-oriented scope.

But dreaming and being inspired is not enough to be successful in a sustainable way. Organisations also need well-defined and strong value systems to guide individuals when translating their goals into a proper daily execution plan. Values should be self-guiding and allow an organisation to follow the right path towards its higher purpose on an everyday basis.

A shared higher purpose and shared values lead to sustainable long-term success. Too many organisations focus on 'doing things right'. But truly winning organisations focus, above all, on 'doing the right things'.


Guido Vanherpe - CEO La Lorraine


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