How can you cascade a noble purpose?

By Adrienne Axler

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How can you cascade a noble purpose?
The Importance of Purpose

I am not one of the happy few who were born with a mission or a purpose: I had to struggle and to search for quite a long time before finding my true “self” – and thus, my purpose.

Yet today, I know what it is, both from a personal AND a professional perspective, and this gives me the joy – and the responsibility - to help all those who, just like me before, are still searching.

Even if I “didn’t know” from the start, I had a rather strong intuition about what was “right” and “wrong” for me, and in the same spirit, I felt that what was right or good for me, most of the time, had a positive effect on others.

Twenty-seven years ago I followed this instinct, and I joined the company I still work for today.

Recently, during the retirement celebration of one of my colleagues, I ran into our Founder/main shareholder, an 87-year old man, who “knew” from the very beginning, and who consequently grew a business, worth €20 billion today, around his purpose: “Improving the quality of daily life by delivering services to people, through people, wherever they live together”.

So I took the opportunity to sit down with him and thank him for having shared his purpose with so many of us… inspiring us also to expand on it – and more importantly, to build our own purpose.

I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and I was happy to see how touched he was.

He has inspired me to make my life meaningful – and even more so, to make that of many thousands of people meaningful as well.

This is the story I would like to share with the participants of the LEAD-IN Leaders Connect Congress: how can you cascade a noble purpose even to a single individual within a global organisation, and do so in a sustainable way?

Adrienne Axler - Sodexo


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