Kick-off new LEAD-IN mentoring program: M4M

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Kick-off new LEAD-IN mentoring program: M4M

On the 25th of October, LEAD-IN started with a new Mentoring Program.

9 business leaders, and on the other hand 9 leaders from the educational sector are linked. During one year, the duos partner in an open, confidential and informal atmosphere at the times and locations of choice. They will share leadership skills.

Because good schooling is one of the main foundations of our society, LEAD-IN wants to contribute by sharing knowledge about our core business: inspiring leadership

The objective of this Mentor For Mentor program (M4M) is to create links between the different sectors and to learn from each other.

Meet the 2017 M4M mentors:


Buss. Mentor Kris Cloots, County manager ISS Belux

Buss. Mentor Bart De Smet, CEO Ageas

Buss. Mentor Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO Ericsson

Buss. Mentor Koen Van Gerven, CEO bpost

Buss. Mentor Pascal Van Eyken, CEO Wills Tower Watson

Buss. Mentor Philippe Monserez, Chief design & build officer AG Real Esate

Buss. Mentor Jan Verbeke, CEO Synergie Belgium

Buss. Mentor Wim Hoeckman, Former CEO Victor Buyck

Buss. Mentor Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General ACEA

Educ. Mentor Pat Vandewiele, Voorzitter LKSD Mechelen Tienen Leuven

Educ. Mentor Katrien Houben, Pedagogisch Begeleider - Schoolontwikkelaar at GO!

Educ. Mentor Stijn Dhert, Lector Kul, coach lerarenopleiding thomas more

Educ. Mentor Ben Lambrechts, Algemeen directeur PXL

Educ. Mentor Ann Martin, Directeur studiegebied onderwijs Odisee Brussel

Educ. Mentor Robby Oblonsek, Directeur Sint Paulus Mol

Educ. Mentor Peter Op’t Eynde, Directeur PBD Mechelen-Brussel

Educ. Mentor Tania De Smedt, Directeur GO scholengroep dendermonde

Educ. Mentor Griet Blondiau, Algemeen directeur VZW Katoba (Brussel)

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