Purpose is a key concept to create a sustainable future

Arnoud crop

Purpose or meaning exists when people have legitimate goals, goals they personally consider righteous, important and valuable. Goals that fit within their set of values and beliefs. When people feel personally empowered to have impact regarding those goals.

Finding purpose comes with having a clear sense of self: the way a person thinks about and views his or her traits, beliefs and purpose within the world. Being conscious about who we are, what values we treasure and what we stand for is key. A strong sense of self is the solid foundation people build when they develop themselves.

In today’s vast changing and challenging society with tremendous amounts of opportunities and threats organisations can and should build that solid foundation of sense of self within their teams. It will bring stability and certainty within the uncertain context. It will generate engagement and develop an inner climate that nourishes entrepreneurship and innovation.

Purpose driven organisations build teams and structures in which a maximised number of stakeholders gets aligned on the legitimacy of their impact and the ways and strategies used to accomplish it. These organisations upgrade mission statements and value propositions from top-down poster campaigns to a significant operational compass constantly guiding managerial and leadership practices.

I’m convinced that purpose is a key concept we need to further explore and develop in order to create a sustainable future for people, organisations and society.

Arnoud Raskin.


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