The Next Generation is coming

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The Next Generation is coming



n the five years to come, one out of five family business will live a generation switch. Many are not there yet how this will happen. Who will succeed: son, daughter, son-in-law or an external to the family? For who or for what would they, those millennial? Own sake? Continue the family’s professional story? Each family business has her reasons. And then comes that day, the day when the reins are left over to the coming generation, the Next Generation. Those who, after a thorough academic training, are exploring the world, Erasmus you know. After they have gained experiences abroad, they are coming ashore.

Let us focus on he/she showing interest, which have the will, the talent and the necessary skills. Only then begins a sort of generation dance. Will the patriarch, after 30 to 40 years of passion and entrepreneurial spirit be able to truly hand over? Sometimes it is evident which son or daughter will be the suitable successor. He/she ran out of childhood between the racks, warehouses and offices and said already ‘hello’ to customers.

Do you recognize your own situation, dreams or fear? Want to hear how other generations switched? From father or mother to son and or daughter? Three duos of father-son bring us the story of their family business on Tuesday, April 25th, at Antwerp Management School. The families Willemen, Verschelden and Dierick are introduced by Professor Vincent Molly – AMS and moderated by Geert Motmans - Motmans&Partners.


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